What to expect — an inadvertent "testimonial"
by client Brandon Glen, as excerpted from his blog


Wednesday, July 6
Hoagie had warned us not to expect the usual Malibu glamour, but I never expected to be confronted with the raw splendor that is Seamonster Sounds. Just pulling down the driveway, which overlooks the ocean unobstructed, I found myself inspired. The initial tour of the grounds proved to be just as breathtaking; there is, for lack of better description, a feeling about the place. I was full-on giddy.

Immediately I was impressed by Hoagie, his competence is apparent, and I found the studio to be a soothing and capable environment. We worked for nearly six hours straight; a few tiny issues came up, but they were all dealt with simply and efficiently.

Wednesday, July 13
Sunday I drove out to Malibu to work on the record. I had more fun than I've had in a long while, it is such a big thing for me to be in a studio environment working on this album, hearing and enjoying how it sounds. Thinking to myself as I hear the songs that these are songs that I would want to put in the cd player and play over and over again. Sitting there looking over Hoagie’s shoulder at the work being done and feeling that this is what I like most to do. The music itself is sounding nothing shy of amazing. I am a titter.

Wednesday, August 31
Saturday's trip to Malibu to Seamonster Sounds was worthwhile and re-affirming. Hearing the progress helped out a great deal, I am very pleased. My feet are on the ground, I'm standing around waiting now for the album to be completed.

Friday, September 23
Saturday we have a ceremony of sorts planned, where I will go to Seamonster sounds and sit in the living room with Hoagie, and listen to all the songs and make notes about the sonic qualities.

Monday, September 26
Saturday turned out even better than expected. We sat down in the living room of Hoagie and Kim, with the dog Mingus there as well, and listened to the five songs we had not yet heard Hoagie's treatments of. He did brilliant work in patching together a puzzle. I had a hard time visualizing how the songs would work as recorded pieces, but now their power is apparent, their intentions realized. In the end, Kim was kind enough to cook up a bit of nosh, and we even cracked open a bottle of Champagne.



"A feeling about the place."

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