low-budget, high-concept music production    

  •  Composition and arranging
  •  Sound design for theater and film
  •  24/96 digital and analog recording
  •  Mixing
  •  Mastering
  •  5.1 surround production
  •  Location Recording

Chief seamonster Hoagie Hill has several decades of experience in music composition, performance and audio production, in genres including rock, jazz, folk, avant-pop, techno, punk, world, experimental, and neo-classical.

With three recording spaces and a variety of digital and analog gear and instruments, Seamonster Sounds meets the needs of many artists. (We can even record in the empty swimming pool, if it suits your fancy.) 

Rates are low, tailored to your budget, and typically set on a per-project basis so you don't have to watch the clock. For details, see "Rates – the art of music and money."

This place is different – in addition to having creative skills, keen ears and some cool gear, we offer a laid-back, rustic environment that feels light-years away from the rush of the City (though it's actually quite close). Think "Topanga-by-the Sea." For one client's take on the process, see "What to expect – an inadvertent testimonial."

12 x 14 main room (also see "Gear" page at bottom).
In addition, there's a small isolation room and
a large living room with excellent live acoustics.


These pics give a sense of the living room's vibe;
they don't convey its full 1,000 sq.ft. size. We push
the furniture aside, draw the curtains (or not),
set mics, and roll. You get everything you see here! 
(Rock stars not included.)


write, record, mix, master tools in the right hands Hoagie Hill, Subluminous, others your name here soon this would be Mr. Hill tips, tricks, treats seamonstersounds(at)verizon(dot)net fly back to the sea