some clients and collaborators      


•  Subluminous
•  Naught (Ø)
•  Dana and the Polecats
•  The Whiskey Experiment
•  Dan Unter Band
•  Shitting Glitter
•  Congo Norvell
•  The Blue Daisies
•  Kubist Tier
•  The Orchestra of Excited Strings


•  Vladimir Logozinski (jazzy Russian techno-pop)
•  Carol Simpson (jazz-bop)
•  Andrea Paola (Brazil)
•  Sally Norvell (torch rock)
•  Mia Boyle
•  Molly Bryant
•  Craig Diamond
•  Sienna McCandless & Chris Schultz
•  Billy Mintz


•  Tim Robbins, writer/actor/director (music / sound design)
•  David Robbins, Actors' Gang (music / sound design)
•  Georges Bigot, Theatre du Soleil (music / sound design)
•  Shira Piven, Actors’ Gang (music / sound design)
•  Buffalo Nights Theater Group (music / sound design)
•  Ron Campbell, actor/writer/director (music / sound design)
•  Muse Arts Theater (San Diego) (music / sound design)
•  Urban Guerillas (Seattle) (soundtrack for street theater)


•  Stolen Souls, dir. Jeff McArthur (score)
•  The Forgotten Grave (Civil War documentary) (music producer)
•  Adam Simon, film director (pre-production / editing)
•  David Banks, film trailer producer (pre-production / editing)

other media

•  Physicians for Social Responsibility (radio documentary)
•  The World Game Institute (multi-media)


A funny story... In high school, I answered an ad in a trade paper looking for music for a low-budget film. I got the gig, and was psyched (at that age) to get $200 plus screen credit. But the film, a teen romance titled "Malibu Summer," never came out.

Fast-forward to 2005... Realizing that I might find a few clues on the internet, I went hunting. Just as I was about to give up — how many films have "Malibu" in the title? — I came across a tantalizing tidbit: the film's producers had run out of money and shelved the film for a few years; finally they got backing from Troma Films, on the condition that a few soft-porn scenes be intercut and the title changed to "Sizzle Beach USA."

I found the DVD through an online purveyor of dubious titles. I popped it in the player — and there was my music, sounds I hadn't heard for 15 years, used as underscore for a scene involving a swimming pool, a couple of hot babes and a cigar-chomping dwarf. To the producers' credit, they did get my screen credit right ("Dry Off!" by the Beach Towels).

The weirdest thing is that the film features the first screen performance by a now-famous actor. So it was that I happened to make a movie with Kevin Costner.


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