mp3s and links to Seamonster Sounds artists      

a diverse selection of tunes     

Hoagie Hill – solo

What on Earth
political rock (full version – 6:10)

Machine of Beauty
moody piano ensemble (

Sugar & Meat (the BBQ song)
rough inst. track – no vocals yet ( 4:35)

Ordeal by Water
a solemn ritual (2:10)

Lighthead Ballad (link to UA webzine)
Sci-fi scape – Universal Audio "Playback" winner



alien instrumental (

Blue Sky Emergency
mysterious disaster rock (2:58)

Please Hang Up
down-tempo inst. lament (1:58)

Void of Course
dark, rustling ambience (1:30)


Hoagie Hill – film scoring

Stolen Souls – Opening Theme
gradual build to full "dramatic" (2:10)
(rough mix, better Quicktime to come)

Director: Jeff McArthur
lead vocals: Sianna Lyons

Swan Song (per aspera ad astra)
pop opera
rough mix, better Quicktime to come)
Director: Jeff McArthur
vocals: Sianna Lyons

Lovers Court
mock-up of BBC-type theme (
for "The Seagull," Director: Georges Bigot

Talk Show Suicide
cheesy bumper music (
for "Little," Director: Shira Piven


Shitting Glitter  (<— their myspace site)

SG tracked their album "Free Alongside Ship" at home on a porta-thingie; Seamonster was brought in to clean it up, provide arrangements and sound design, and do the final mix. An example of working within the artists' vision.


More to come – including Quicktime clips of film score work 

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